Let’s get personal.

With Bonza, you don’t get lost in the crowd.
Seriously – there’s just the two of us.

Based in the East Midlands, Bonza was established by two creatives with a passion
for branding and a yen for supporting businesses – both online and offline.

Combining decades of experience with modern marketing methods, Bonza provides businesses with a simple and straightforward approach to creating and maintaining their brand presence. 

From building a brand to executing social and digital campaigns, we help brands identify their key message, improve their traffic and grow their sales.

Meet us!


Callum bates

Don’t you just love to see good branding or attention grabbing marketing – I bloody do! Imagine how good it would be if everything was visually stunning and did its job, until then you have the pleasure of working with myself and Sultana to get your business to the promised land. If you value design and know the benefits it can bring then get in touch, we want to hear from you – we’re the solution you’re looking for.

“Callum has a strange fondness of yellow if left to be creative by himself but I tried to not hold that against him”.

Dean Graham (founder of CityX) in 2013


Chloé whitmore

Chloé is the resident copywriter and general wordsmith at Bonza. She’ll debate you for hours about where to put an apostrophe – and she’ll love every minute of it.

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